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Hal Schuhmacher

When you're in trouble you need first class legal aid

Exercise your right to a strong legal defense regardless of charge. From probation violations to felony charges a strong defense can keep you out of prison and preserve your rights. Call today for a consultation.

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Keep your license after an accident or traffic stop with expert representation from Hal Schuhmacher. Exercise your right to the best representation today.

Don't let yourself end up back in jail after a minor probation violation. Call today for representation that goes the extra mile to keep you free.

Don't spend your time before your trial rotting in jail. Get a bond that you can afford to post when you call Hal Schuhmacher for representation today.

Whether you're being charged with a major or relatively minor offense a conviction can haunt you for years to come. Put the experts on your side today.

DUI / traffic / license

Probation violations

Bond reduction

Felony / misdemeanor

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